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Policies & Procedures

Please include the following in the scheduling form (STEP 4):
     Your Name (as it appears on temple membership list)
     Email ID
     Phone Number
     In Comments Box; write name of puja & any other relevant information.

Reservations by non-members or unpaid reservations will be automatically deleted.  You will get an email, if your reservation has been deleted.

Cancellation:  If you cancel reservations, the charges will be refunded by a check.  Please see scheduling information on temple web page for cancellation charges.

If damage deposit is collected, it will be returned in full, as long as there are no damages or additional charges.

If you scheduled priest services, please respect Satyaji's time and make sure he can return to temple on time. 

By scheduling online, you agree to follow all the temple rules and regulations (See scheduling information on temple web page). 

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